Connect with patients at every stage in their journey.

Connect with patients, educate the public, and grow your Phoenix-area healthcare practice or organization with data-driven digital marketing.

Just what the doctor ordered.

In Phoenix, finding quality health and senior care matters more than ever. Between its rapid growth and significant senior population, more and more Phonecians are searching for healthcare and assisted living options every day. We use data insights and targeted marketing to connect your medical practice, care facility, medical device company, healthcare service, or biomedical startup with the people you serve.

42% of seniors now own smartphones, more than double the number that did in 2013

Pew Research 2016

Get in-network.

We are a Facebook marketing partner and have been a Google Quality Account Champion for three out of the last four years. We also have the USA TODAY NETWORK at your service, giving you exceptional local market access via our digital and print channels. We're everywhere your patients and residents are.


Give your practice a presence.

In many cases, the patient's or resident's journey begins with an internet search. Our SEO and listing management solutions are in place to boost your local visibility, and our web design services will help you put your best foot forward online. We also offer a live chat solution.


Connect with the people who need you.

Chances are, your healthcare organization will reach the most future residents and patients – and get the best ROI – through search marketing, targeted display ads, print, social media, or some combination thereof. Our data insights can help you achieve the right marketing mix for your practice, facility, or business.

Educate the public.

Branded content can be an especially valuable part of your marketing mix, especially if you specialize in elective and non-emergency care. Let us help you develop the kind of stories and content that will inspire patients to prioritize their health and familiarize them with the latest advances in your field.


Optimize your efforts.

Use lead tracking and data analytics to measure your marketing efforts and get to know your patients and residents better. Our analytics experts can help you understand the story behind the numbers, and we offer on-demand reporting from a single convenient dashboard.


Cosmetic surgery patients are all looking for the right provider.

"How good is the surgeon?" is the most important question cosmetic surgery patients are trying to answer. We can tell your practice's story in an effective manner, educate the public on cosmetic surgery options, and improve your brand position in Phoenix with paid search marketing and targeted display ads.


With urgent care, convenience and quality are of the essence.

Gaps in the healthcare system are keeping urgent care facilities busy, but what are patients looking for? The research indicates that convenience and quality of care are the key factors. We can help you differentiate your brand on both fronts, and use urgent-care-tested digital marketing techniques to spread the word.


Guide seniors and their families through a major life transition.

Choosing an assisted living facility is complex, but finding one shouldn't be. We typically use a combination of social media, targeted display ads, and search marketing to socialize your facility with future residents and their families. We also work to highlight your facility's strengths regarding convenience and quality of care.


Get more patients in for their six-month cleaning.

Everyone needs regular dental care, whether they realize it or not. We have found that social media ads and paid search marketing work best for dental practices. Our partnerships with Google and Facebook allow us to excel here, plus we work hard to remind your patients that their smiles matter.


Help for hearing aid providers.

While one-in-three hearing aid shoppers are seniors, the patient demographic as a whole includes younger people, military vets, and people with diabetes. We inspire patients of all ages to prioritize their hearing, as well as familiarize them with your product via print ads, social media, and search marketing.