Drive up enrollment with smart marketing.

Increase enrollment, engage alumni, build your brand, and more with our digital marketing solutions.

Our digital marketing is summa cum laude.

In Phoenix, school is always in session. There are a lot of educational options in Phoenix and the Southwest, but how do you set your institution apart? We have local insights from more than 1,600 educational marketing campaigns, consumer intelligence from 109 markets, and data learnings from 219,000 plus delivered local leads. Let us tutor you.

70% of teen YouTube subscribers trust their favorite YouTube influencer more than traditional celebrities.

Google 2016

The right partners, the right results.

We are a Facebook marketing partner and have been a Google Quality Account Champion for three out of the last four years. We also have the USA TODAY NETWORK in our back pocket, and our click-through rates for educational ads is 3.4 times higher than the Google benchmark.


Find your optimal new enrollment strategy.

We start with your school's strengths and objectives. From there, we identify gaps in the student journey, review market trends, and apply best practices to put together a recommended solution mix. Then we drill down to find you the most qualified leads, those applications most likely to convert to enrollments.


Highlight specific departments.

We can help you put key academic departments front and center through a mix of keyword optimization, smart targeting, and custom content. Doing this has been an effective way to get prospective students curious about – and engaging with – your school.

Diversify the student body with flexible course offerings.

Using past campaign results and insights from our proprietary education study, we'll put your institution in front of people who are interested in non-traditional education. We use geographic, behavioral, and contextual knowledge to help you tap into this often-underserved demographic of students.


Win prospective students over with campus culture.

A key factor in choosing a college is whether or not a student believes he or she will "fit in." We use video and social media to bring your college to life. We also leverage influencer marketing to give students a perspective they will connect with and trust.


Demonstrate the value of higher education.

Higher education is under a lot of pressure to prove its value to students and their families. We'll build a content plan that demonstrates your expertise and authority, showcases your research, and highlights your initiatives. From there, we'll find ways to connect your strengths to student needs and interests.


Pack the house at your next campus event.

Event attendance has a way of being touch-and-go at colleges and universities, but we can help. We'll tease out the key themes, craft high impact messaging that excites and engages the community, and help you play the long game by incorporating the event into the school's meta-brand.


Tap into your alumni network.

Let us take a look at your alumni database. We'll come up with a fundraising solution mix based on lookalike audiences, gaps in the advocacy path, fundraising best practices, and digital trends. From there, we'll help you build your campaigns and give you the tracking tools to discover what works.


Don't forget about admissions.

Maybe you've resolved every challenge listed above, but if students can't get started on the admissions process it's all for naught. We offer solutions like live chat for faster, better student engagement, as well as tools like call tracking and data reporting to align your marketing with your administrative processes.